Sunday, March 9, 2014

for Grandmas

There are too many pictures and things to share!
Life is full and I go to bed exhausted and wake up running the moment my feet hit the ground. But I wouldn't trade any of the people in my life; family or friends.
I am blessed.

 Maire with side pony-tail, leg warmers, jean jacket and neon t-shirt for 80's day.  I was telling her how we used to pinch and roll our jeans and she said, "YOU were alive in the 80s!!!!"

 Rachael and Erica, making cookies on a snow day.  We have had SO. MANY. SNOW. DAYS.  Not that we have had so much snow compared to some (I have a friend in Michigan, and we won't even talk about how much snow they are getting) but we have had so many snow days where the kids have not gone to school.  We have had only one week since before Christmas where we have not had a delay, snow day, or holiday.  Just this week we had Monday and Tuesday off because of snow.  School is now scheduled to end on June 24th.  June 24th people.  sigh.
 Erica at the dentist.  have you ever seen a cuter patient?  She was so happy it was her turn to sit in the chair.
 Sarah.  This picture is so Sarah.  Her life is so full, just like her hands. She is doing the juggling act of life with school, friends, family, extra activities, finding out where she fits, and not wanting to miss out on anything.  You see she has her sneakers around her neck because she had PE but she wanted to wear her boots (cause they are cute!).  Her notebook (school), her lunchbox which more often than not has candy and not nutrition, her trumpet, and on top of her notebook is undoubtedly her kindle and her sketch book because she is always creating.  And her coat, only on her head because her mother makes her take a coat to school when it is 30 degrees outside, go figure.  But on top of it all is her BIG smile.
Just a look at her perfect, intelligent face.  It is not still for long and those eyes--she is thinking something, planning something, calculating something.

 Rachael's braid!  Isn't it beautiful?  Her hair is so thick, this is three braids braided together.  She does it all by herself.  Her hair creations are always so beautiful.
And how appropriate is it that I couldn't find a picture of Elizabeth except this one of her (bottom middle) and her friends at a dance.  'Cause that is where she always is, with her friends, and at a dance.  Love this girl--and her friends too.

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  1. We were very much alive in the 80's, thank you! And the 80's still has the best music. That's all I'm going to say.